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North Korea Needs A Timeout April 5, 2009

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I’ve always wondered why world leaders think the United Nations will do something just because they make a speech about it.  Today President Obama spoke in Prague and said something that everyone is always thinking.

“Rules must be binding. Violations must be punished. Words must mean something,” said Obama.

President Obama's best grrrr face.

President Obama's best grrrr face.

And he is right.

Words have to start meaning more than words.  I am tired of hearing great speeches for the sake of creating sound-bites.  It seems to me that North Korea is just a misbehaving child that no one really wants to handle.

According to the New York TImes North Korea fired a rocket over Japan and into the Pacific Ocean.  Now I realize that the U.S. shoots rockets to test out missiles, and many other nations do as well.  But does anyone disagree that North Korea might not have the best intentions with their rockets?

Reuters reported that Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi told the world to not overreact to the missile launch.

“All sides ought to look at the big picture … (and) avoid taking actions which may exacerbate the situation further,” Yang was paraphrased as saying.

What is the big picture?  And why doesn’t North Korea simply explain the “big picture.”  The least North Korea could do is pass a note to China so they can let us know.



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