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VH1’s Behind the Music: 50 Cent October 19, 2009

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50 Cent, Lil’ Wayne and T.I are a few of the artists lined up for the first new season of “Behind the Music” since 2006.  The show aired annually from 1997 to 2006, with a few episodes airing within the last three years.

50 Cent’s episode aired Oct. 13 and really delved into the life of an artist that really was thrust into the spotlight years after he had already broken into the scene.  Before 50 released “In Da Club” he had already released records for Columbia.  However, in 2000 he was shot outside of his grandmother’s house 9 times.  The incident prompted Columbia to drop his contract and also scared away potential record contracts.
It is interesting to see 50 Cent on “Behind the Music”.  He is following in the footsteps of artists like Elton John, AC/DC and Dr. Dre.  These are artists that have cemented themselves in their specific genres and arguably the world of popular music.  50 Cent has only produced a couple records that have received critical acclaim. And honestly, he is probably only as popular as he is because he wrote songs that pissed other artists off and was then shot.  Perhaps VH1 should have waited another decade or so before bringing back “Behind the Music.”  There could have been artists more worthy and with more history to spotlight.



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