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FFF Fest: Day 2 November 15, 2009

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Day 2 of the festival proved to be slightly less pleasant than Day 1.  The morning was nice enough, but a blanket of dark clouds covered the sky by lunch.  By 1 p.m. the rain had come, lots of it.

But just like any good festival, the bands kept playing, and the crowd kept coming.  Standing just behind the mosh pit, we watched Youth Brigade.  Their energy seemed to be fighting the rain, daring it to rain harder.

And it did.

Car Stereo (Wars) performed in front of a packed crowd, and an even more crowded stage.  His mash-ups were entertaining for a while, but the rain had stopped and there was much more to see, including Coalesce, Strange Boys and Health.

The unbearable rain decided to come back just before dusk.  So we decided to take a break from the Fest to warm up, eat and dry our clothes.

When we got back to the Festival, we made our way to the Orange stages to see Crystal Castles and Of Montreal.  The rain had stopped and we all felt a little better about our situation.

Crystal Castles put on a really intense show.  The light show was blinding, and the performance was an unconventional rock show, the Castles were only equipped with a mic and DJ station.  But their sound was as big as a wall of Marshall half stacks.

Of Montreal put on a tamer-than-usual show.  But they still produced an entertaining show featuring background videos and live actors.  Kevin Barnes produced a show that lifted the mood of the festival after a long day of rain.



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