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Friday Night Lights November 22, 2009

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Friday Night Lights is a show I am pretty much unaware of, and I feel like I am probably not missing out on much.  I don’t really even know anyone who takes the time to watch the show either.  My roommate watches it from time to time, but he only watches it for the beautiful people.  

So what is the actual draw that has kept the show going for four seasons?  Is it only the beautiful people?  Or does the show have a legitimate story line that people are interested in?

I read recent news that the show had introduced a rocker female role to the show.  Perhaps introducing edgy roles is keeping the show going.

I did find it interesting that the rocker girl was a UT student.  Stephanie Hunt dropped out of school and just happened to get an audition for the show.  She had to quickly learn how to play bass adequately and actually wrote an original song for her audition.




1. Your roommate - November 28, 2009

If by “beautiful people” you mean “realistic, emotionally complex portrayals of the modern American family and the small – town experience”, then yes, you are correct.

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